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Legal Advocacy

Our Legal Advocates provide assistance in both the civil and criminal court systems. Advocating on behalf of domestic violence victims and their children, legal advocates ensure that a victim’s safety and rights are protected within the court systems.

The HOPE Center’s legal advocates are not attorneys; they do not provide any legal advice. They provide options and information to victims of domestic violence related to the legal system.

CLR Attorney

The Civil Legal Representation Project provides free civil legal representation for victims of domestic violence within the courts of Allegheny and Westmoreland Counties. The CLR Attorney offers specialized legal advice, referrals and/or representation for civil matters such as child support, child custody, divorce, spousal support, landlord/tenant issues, protection from abuse orders, public benefits, and dependency.

Civil Court

Advocates assist victims in the following areas:    

  1. Explanation of the PFA process
  2. Assist with the completion of appropriate documents needed to file a Protection from Abuse order. (PFA)
  3. Review safety planning.
  4. Education of victim’s rights.

Criminal Court

Advocates assist victims in the following areas:

  1. Supporting the victims at the Magisterial District Judge’s office.
  2. Explanation of options regarding the charges that are filed against the defendant.
  3. Providing options counseling to the victim.
  4. Reviewing the potential outcomes of the case.

Defendants may be ordered to:

  1. Anger Management classes
  2. Drug & Alcohol evaluation and possible treatment
  3. Mental Health evaluation and possible treatment
  4. Testifying in court regarding the charges