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Community Outreach

The Alle-Kiski Area HOPE Center, Inc. offers educational domestic violence presentations throughout the community to:  businesses/ corporations, business/ trade schools, churches, civic groups, colleges, law enforcement personnel, healthcare professionals, school district faculty, and anyone else who has an interest.

The presentations are FREE of charge and tailored to meet the needs and expectations of the audience.   Some of the topics we cover include:

Domestic Violence Education– how to identify it, what it looks like, warning signs, what you can do, how to help, resources available, and more

Domestic Violence and Legal Advocacy- for law enforcement or anyone in the legal field

Domestic Violence and Medical Advocacy- for healthcare professionals or medical training schools

Domestic Violence in the Workplace- for any business, company or organization

The Effects of Domestic Violence on Children- for anyone who works with or around youth

Train the Mentor: Coaching Boys into Men (CBIM)- for any athletic/ sports team or community group who mentor youth

Trauma-Informed Care- for anyone who dedicates their lives helping others


If you are interested in signing up for a presentation call Mary at 724-224-1266.